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Snow Canyon Overlook Trail

Snow Canyon Overlook Trail in Snow Canyon State Park.

The Snow Canyon Overlook Trail is a 9.5 mile there-and-back trail with the destination being the pond at the end of Red Sands Trail in Snow Canyon Park. The footing of this trail is rocky, and sand washes. The trailhead is located off UT Highway 18 across from Winchester Hills and before the Snow Canyon State Park entrance. The parking lot has room from several trailers. The trailhead offers fantastic views of Snow Canyon State Park below. The trail begins on (north) Gila Trail and connects to White Rocks Trail at the north guard station to the park. White Rocks trails winds just below the white cliffs and connects to Lave Flow Trail near the Lava Tube Caves and down the hill to West Canyon Road where you are likely to encounter e-bike users enjoying the park. Please be aware and courteous as many of these visitors are not familiar with equine right of way rules and you will only be on this joint user path for a half mile. You will exit the path onto the equestrian trail that connects to Red Sands Trail and ends at the 1st pond (lower of three ponds).

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