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BCHA Needs Your Help!

BCHA is relying on its members to provide data from the field of your observations, should we need to promote further solutions.


Horse Camp Incident Report Form

We need help in documenting incidents of parties without stock occupying developed horse camps in your State to push for new rules in the use of public lands horse camps.  Please use the below links to learn more and locate the necessary form.

E-Bike Incidents

Federal land managers not attune to our concerns regarding heightened potential for trail conflict and safety issues associated with fast-moving e-bikes might be persuaded to authorize e-bike use in the absence of documentation of reported incidents.


In response, the Back Country Horsemen of America (BCHA) developed a reporting form wherein trail users can submit reports of e-bike encounters—either positive or negative—while enjoying natural surface trails.


Over time, these reports could prove useful in identifying trail conflict “hot spots” and in making a case for land managers to proceed with caution when deciding where to authorize e-bike use. You can access and print out the form using the below link.

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