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Red Mountain Equestrian Loop

April 2023

Red Mountain Trailhead off UT Highway 18

This is a very popular Southern Utah ride that gives you two extraordinary overlook views of Snow Canyon State Park from the northern end. If you visit both overlooks the trail is approximately 7 miles/ 3 hours and is rated easy/moderate with some sandstone and one "semi-technical" climb. The Equestrian Loop starts at the southeast corner of the parking lot where there is a stepover and continues south and through a yellow gate that you can open and shut while staying mounted. The trail continues and turns west through a nice canyon where there will be a slightly technical section of rocky steps. Continue west where you will find a beautiful white and red sandstone formation with beautiful Pine Valley Mountain in the background. The first Snow Canyon overlook is approximately 2.8 miles from the trailhead there are several tie-up posts installed by the BCHU Southwest Chapter just west of the 1st overlook, so you can tie up your horse and enjoy lunch at the overlook. Continue the trail west to the 2nd overlook. The trail from the 2nd overlook heads north at this point, and you will likely encounter hikers that take a different trail from the parking lot, you will not want to ride that section of trail. Follow the trail north which will loop you back around to the trail head. Footing is sandy and hard pack with some sandstone (slick rock). One swing gate, and three stepovers. The trailhead parking lot is HUGE with lots of pull-through trailer parking and can accommodate trailers of nearly any size.

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