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Pioneer Rim & T-Bone Loop

Red Cliffs Desert Reserve

This 6-mile loop trail combines two trails within the Red Cliff Desert Reserve; the Pioneer Rim Trail and T-Bone Trail. The reserve is a biologically rich and sensitive desert ecosystem with the largest concentration of the Mohave Desert Tortoise. The desert tortoise is a protected species that burrows into the sand and can easily be stepped on if you step off the trail. Please stay on the established trails and watch your step, you will very likely encounter a desert tortoise or two on this trail.
The Pioneer Hill Trailhead off Red Hills Parkway is a large parking area with adequate room for large horse trailers. There is one step-over. The Pioneer Rim Trail offers fantastic views of the city of St. George and red rocks that locals and visitors come to explore. The T-Bone Trail loops around the T-Bone Mesa on a relatively unmarked trail, watch for cairns and trail markers, and again watch out for tortoises!
Footing: mostly hardpack with sections of sand, gravel, and lava rock.

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