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Tie Posts installed at Snow Canyon Overlook

Trail Improvements

November 21, 2015

Snow Canyon is the third largest state park in Utah with spectacular views from their overlooks which are enjoyed by hikers and equestrians alike. One overlook is near the edge of a wilderness area and devoid of any place to tie horses. Being sensitive to non-equestrian visitors to the park installing traditional hitching rails would be inappropriate in the viewing area. However, about 50 yards to the east there was a large area out of view of visitors where horses could be tied. Instead of hitching rails it was decided that six hitching posts with rings for two horses each scattered about the area would be less intrusive on the environment.
On the day of installation 24 horses and 4 pack animals started up the hill carrying people and supplies. The pack animals carried the 858 lbs of supplies including the steel posts, cement and water. Individual riders toted post hole diggers, shovels, levels, and jugs of water on their horses to the work site. In a flurry of activity holes were dug, posts were set and leveled, cement was poured and mixed with water The empty bags, jugs and tools were then packed out and the holes left open for the cement to dry. A week later a few members returned to the site to cover the holes and rake the area smooth.

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