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Pine Valley Bridges

Trail Improvement


Pine Valley Equestrian Trail

On the Pine Valley Equestrian Trail there were two difficult crossings through two ravines, the sides were steep and high step-downs over large boulders were intimating to many horses, not to mention the water crossings at the bottom of the ravines being very challenging as well. For years the need for bridges over these crossings were a topic of conversation but the financial reality kept the projects tabled.
While attending a meeting for the Washington County trails committee it was learned that grant applications were available soon. Our Chapter attended a presentation on grants and soon thereafter we began developing our grant application for two bridges. The grant we applied for was a Utah State Recreational Grant for $20,000. It was in conjunction with the USFS but they could not be the lead agency, it had to be the BCH. This type of grant was a match grant meaning we had to come up with $10,000 which we did not have. The FS brought in ACE (American Conservation Experience) for assistance in the matter. ACE would be building the trails to the new bridge locations and help with the installations. Using their time and materials for part of the funding and our chapters contribution of $5,000 we were able to fund the project along with the grant for $20,000. The actual cost of the bridges delivered to the job site was $17,600. (They did not let us keep the change). :)

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