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Coal Pits Wash Restoration Project


Zion National Park

This project coordinated efforts and resources from Zion National Park and the Southwest Utah Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen of America to complete deferred maintenance and restoration work to stock trails in the Coal Pits area. This area has unique value as the easternmost area of Mojave Desert Ecosystem, yearlong available water, and backcountry camping with an active freshwater spring. The Coal Pits Wash, Scoggins Wash, and Huber Wash trails have been washed out and degraded over many years without significant maintenance work being performed. This has made the trails treacherous to stock riders and unsafe for novice riders. The project would allow us to restore the path through these washes, reestablishing three connections with the Chinle Trail, which will allow for two different loop
rides to be completed. These trails will also provide access to the Coal Pits Wash backcountry camp sites, which will be maintained to allow for overnight stock camping in this area. The trails and campsites were historically used for mining and extraction operations prior to the parks' establishment, and there are multiple cultural and historical sites and artifacts spread throughout the area. This project will also construct an access trail from Huber Wash to Coal Pits Wash Trailheads, which will provide another loop ride option and allow for multiple parking options, alleviating traffic and safety concerns at the lone trailhead currently available. This trailhead will also be widened to allow for more parking and safer navigation of vehicles with stock trailers. This project would restore 6 miles of historic stock trails, provide safe access to 5 backcountry campsites, and upgrade two trailhead parking areas.

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